Policeman Shoots Judge In Court For Revoking Wife’s Bail

 Policeman Shoots Judge In Court For Revoking Wife’s Bail

A senior police officer was shot dead after he opened fire on a magistrate in a Nairobi courtroom, following a ruling involving his wife, BBC reports.

Chief Inspector, Samson Kipchirchir Kipruto, who was in charge of a police station in Londiani, Western Kenya, attacked Makadara Principal Magistrate, Monica Kivuti.

This occurred on Thursday shortly after she cancelled bail for Kipruto’s wife due to her failure to appear in court.

Infuriated by the decision, Kipruto pulled out a gun and shot Magistrate Kivuti, wounding her, as reported by the BBC.

Court officers were reported to have immediately intervened, and in the ensuing confrontation, Kipruto was shot dead.

Three other officers were also injured during the incident, according to a police report.

The judiciary confirmed that Magistrate Kivuti had revoked the bail for an accused person who had jumped bond and did not provide satisfactory reasons for doing so. 



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