It has come to the attention of the authentic National Executive Council, authentic National Council of Elders, authentic Trustees and duly elected Body of Founders of  NBM OF AFRICA otherwise known as Neo Black Movement  of Africa, a libelous publication on the Leadership Newspaper on the 5th of April by one Mr. Ajibo Brown, whose real name is Obinna Samuel with intent to deceive unsuspecting members of the public was circulated on various social platforms and media networks. The leadership of NBM of Africa (Neo Black Movement of Africa) are also aware that the Notorious Black Axe Leader from Delta state; Mr. Ese Stanley Kakor and his Co travelers in criminality are the sponsors of such a diatribe.

The public should be aware that Mr. Ese Stanley Kakor is a political thug for hire. In the last election cycle in Nigeria, he cajoled candidates from various political parties into paying him thousands of dollars for security. It is also pertinent to state that Mr. Obinna Samuel aka Ajibo Brown, is a fugitive who is wanted for the murder of his cousin. Obinna Samuel took his cousin to get initiated into Mr. Ese Stanley Kakor's led Black Axe where the said cousin lost his life.

Ese Stanley Kakor has a history of blackmail, organized killings, and sponsorship of terrorism. He used the organisation funds in the sponsorship of various illegal activities, hence his refusal to allow external audit of various money he used the name of NBM of Africa to collect from gullible members and the public . 

Ese Stanley Kakor, in August 5th, 2022, in Asaba Delta state, arranged the lynching and attempted murder of a member of NBM of Africa in Vienna Hotel. In 2023, Ese Stanley Kakor also arranged the robbery, lynching and attempted kidnap of his predecessor. The leadership of the organisation reported these criminal activities to the FCID, lnterpol, DIA, EFCC, and the DSS with pictorial and video evidence. He was also fingered in the murder of Late Mr Believe Edebhru who was shot around Shaguolo, Warri, Delta state. Somehow, Ese Stanley Kakor still walks free as he continuously brags of his high-level connections with high profile individuals in the country who always come to his rescue each time the law enforcement agencies arrest him. 

The public is further informed that Ese Stanley Kakor is the sponsor of Black Axe Confraternity of the famous BBC documentary "Nigeria's Mafia Cult." The leadership of the NBM found that Ese Stanley Kakor uses unsuspecting young undergraduate to perpetuate crimes in the society, supplying them weapons and resources. These young college brothers who are unaware of the evil they are used for, fall for this scheme and whenever they are caught, Mr. Ese Stanley Kakor uses the media to condemn and deny any affiliation with them. There are plethora of internal memo available where he has called on these undergraduates to commit crimes, and when they refuse to do his bidding, he suspends them immediately from the organisation. 

Ese Stanley Kakor and David Nkanga, and other prominent figures within the Black Axe, infiltrated NBM of Africa and rose to the positions of National President and Chairmen of  NBM of Africa respectively. They exploited the organization as a means to advance their heinous activities. David Nkanga, formerly associated with the Akwa Ibom chapter of the NBM and a key member of the Black Axe confraternity in Uyo, played a pivotal role in various deviant activities that prompted the Akwa Ibom State Government to outlaw the group in 2022.

The original and authentic Board of Trustees in collaboration with the authentic Body of Founders investigated and found all of these allegations to be true and took a decision to remove Ese Kakor and David Nkanga respectively as the National President and (unconstitutional) Chairman of the NCOE of NBM of Africa. They were subsequently expelled by the new leadership of the organisation. Hence, they resorted to using a fugitive in Obinna Samuel Aka Ajibo Brown in publishing a laughable piece in the Leadership Newspaper and other social media platforms. 

Ese Stanley Kakor is also the Head of a syndicate money laundering cartel. Members of his criminal gang are charged to raise money by any means necessary which they pay to Ese Stanley Kakor. At the time of this publication, there are members of his gang currently serving jail terms in different countries namely Brazil, Philippines, Houston,Texas, and so forth. 

Premised on this, NBM of Africa disassociate itself from the activities of Ese Stanley Kakor aka Dauda Jawara and his partners in crime. They are hereby disclaimed as members of NBM of Africa. The general public is enjoined to take notice that Ese Stanley Kakor and the persons listed below have been  excommunicated from NBM of Africa for embezzlement,misappropriation of NBM of Africa funds,extortion of members of NBM of Africa and unsuspecting members of the public using the name of NBM of Africa, and various criminal activities within and outside Nigeria. The names of the excommunicated members  alongside Ese Stanley Kakor are; 

1. Ese Stanley Kakor: *Delta Zone, Expelled.*

2. ⁠Godwin Ogbeide: *Esan Zone, Suspended.*

3. Barr. Isimeme Iriogbe: *Esan Zone, Suspended.*

4. Omorogieva Edo Wimpey: *Edo Region, Suspended.*

5. Iziegbe Osaretin A.K.A IZ: *Benin Zone, Suspended.*

6. Eribo Eriwanta: *Ikpoba Zone, Suspended.*

7. David Ikanga: *Akwa-Ibom Zone, Expelled.*

8. Osazuwa Enobakhare A.K.A Zuss: *Uhun-Ogbeni Zone, Suspended.*

9. Peter Okoh A.K.A Poko P: *Benin Zone, Suspended.*

10. Mark Oro Ejerua: *Ghana Zone, Expelled.*

11. Sunny Odama: *Greater Accra Zone, Suspended.*

12. Michael Dixon A.K.A Peller: *Ibadan Zone, Suspended.*

13. Sherrif Omagbemi: *Greater Accra Zone, Expelled.*

14. Vica Aghe: *Ghana Zone, Expelled.*

15. Engr. Oyibo Efetobor: *Port-Harcourt Zone, Expelled.*

16. Benjamin Oritsemeyiwa Elvis: *Ghana Zone, Expelled.*

17. Godslove Isehrien A.K.A GL Ozidi Congo: *Atlanta Zone, Suspended.*

18. Patrick Morah: *Apapa Zone, Suspended.*

19. ⁠Kelvin Akproko: *Delta Zone, Suspended.*

20. Obinna Samuel A.K.A Ajibo Brown: *Kenya Zone, Expelled.*

21. Patrick Onajophe(David Patrick)- ex-convict: *Ghana Zone, Expelled.*

22. ⁠Austin Edoro FNH: *Delta Zone, Suspended.*

23. Efe Akpokniniovo: *Ogun West Zone, Suspended.*

24. ⁠Harrison Onwo: *Delta Zone, Suspended.*

25. ⁠Tony Kakor: *Sweden Zone, Suspended*

26. ⁠Terry Kakor: *Switzerland Zone, Suspended.*

27. Nosawema Evans Agho AKA Papi: *Dallas Zone, Expelled.*

28. Daniel Evbodaghe Otaigbe: *Dallas Zone, Expelled.*

29. Derek Ogbeomonide Akhabue: *Dallas Zone, Expelled.*


Mr. Kelvin Olat Bakre

Ag National Secretary 

NBM of Africa.

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